Some Simple Dos and Don'ts of Showing Your Home

As you get ready to sell you home  there are several things you can do to really improve its attractiveness for buyers. Here are a list of essential Dos and Dont's to be ready for showing your home:

The Dos

1.  Work with your real estate agent before prepping your home for the market. Get her or his advice on how to make your home the most attractive it can be, 

2. Make sure your agent will have a strong online presence and knows the town or area well.  They will understand what other homes have sold for in the area and can guide you on the best selling features.

3. Conduct a through cleaning of your home's interior and exterior.

4. Consider professional photos of your home as well as video. Most potential buys start their search on  the internet, and although professionals photo area ideal, today video is a great way to sell homes so buyers can truly see and appreciate its features.  

5. Check our other blogs. Have your agent explain what typically happens during the selling process- the common pitfalls and common ways you can make things move along faster. 

The Dont's

1. Don't select an agent who tells you only what you want to hear on price and what you can buy or sell. Use the Internet to do some basic research to discover the common features and prices in the area. 

2. Don't assume a single agent is ideal for both buying and selling a home. There are buyers agents and there are sellers agents and agents, like the rest of us, have strengths and weaknesses.

3. Don't. ignore offers that come in for your home that may not meet your expectations. Buying and selling homes are subject to negotiation and both sides can move on their positions depending on their own sensitivities.

4. Don't assume that your agent works full-time. Many do not, so be sure to ask.

5. Don't fail to verify your agent's advice. If you can, get it in writing. Understand that once you sign, you are locked in to a legal contract and agreed-upon terms.