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About Our Team

Our agents at Prominent Estates Realty are independent and come from a very diverse professional background.  Our team members are highly trained in all aspects of negotiating deals whether they are selling or listing a property, they will employ our cutting edge marketing techniques to ensure a fast and smooth transaction.
At Prominent Estates Realty, our agents are family and are treated as such.  It is not uncommon for an agent to step in and collaborate with another in case he or she is busy with other matters. 

We train and work very hard to make our client's experience a breeze.  We accomplish this by doing their home searches and connecting them with similar minded mortgage, law, and inspection professionals.

We are Looking for like Minded professionals who are licensed in the state of New Jersey.
Ideal candidates should be professional, courteous, have excellent people skills, be good listeners and be very organized. If this fits your description, please fill the application below.  We will contact you for more information.