Low Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior

You don’t have to break the bank in order to spruce up your home’s exterior in order to sell it. There are however, several key areas that you can improve that will go a long way toward making you home more attractive. Here are eight ways you can make improvements without spending a lot of cash:

1. Paint 

Obviously , if your home needs a complete exterior paint jobs, the job would not qualify as low cost necessarily. But if that is not the case, you can perhaps paint the front door and exterior molding with 1-2 cans of paint. Paint costs about $30 a gallon

2. Replace House Numbers

One easy way to spruce up the exterior of a home is to invest in new numbers, wither they are on a light post, the front door or the curb or mailbox. Numbers can be painted or you can find simple plastic, often reflective numbers at home center stores like The Home Depot.

3. Exterior Lighting

Perhaps the exterior of your home is well kept but it is hidden or is set back far from the street. Come out of the darkness with new lighting for your fortress. There are many options for lighting from in-ground to spotlights available at stores such as The Home Depot, Lowes, Idea and even decorating centric retailers such as Home Goods. The
cost of updating your home’s exterior lights can vary from $30 to $115 or more per fixture.

4. Hide Trash Bins

It is not the norm in some areas, but some homeowners store their trash bins in the front of their home or on the side of the house in plain view. Consider purchasing a noes pail from a home center or perhaps you can get a free pail from your trash removal provider.
Trash pails can from from $50-$150 at home centers.

5. Clean Gutter and Roof

This could be a fairly obvious one. Of course trees on a property can be quite beautiful, but they do cays headaches for cleanup. Is there is too much debris lying around, it is surely detracting from your attractiveness points. Consider cuter guards at home centers or hiring a crew for a simple cleanup. Your options range from $150-$500 depending on the size of your property and level of debris.

6. Pressure Wash!!

If you do not own a pressure washer, you can rent one for very little money at home centers such as The Home Depot and Taylor Rental. There may be others in your local area. Pressure washing will enable you to get rid of embedded dirt and debris on most any surface, especially siding and concrete. Rental costs are from $50-$80 a day.

7. Fix or Replace the Mailbox

The mailbox is one of those finishing touches that can make all the difference to your home’s exterior. Obviously you can get quite fancy here, but basic mail boxes run about $50. You can spend much more, however, you are looking for a spruce up here, not to make a fashion statement,

8. Landscaping Beds

You can buy bags of mulch at home centers, have a crew do the work or go to a local home center/nursery to have any number of cubic yards dumped on site with you picking up the shovel and distributing it. Of course, you may have to weed first, and on that front, you can buy many weed killers at home centers for $8-$20 a bottle. Mulch bags can also be purchased inexpensively from $10-$30 a bag.